The home of the future: technology, sustainability, innovation
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The home of the future: technology, sustainability, innovation





Step by step, the home of the future is revealing all the innovations that will make the place we live in completely different from how we understand it today.

Technology and IoT for Smart Homes

Technology and IoT (Internet of things) are leading us into a world in which, through new interconnected systems and devices, our homes will become “Smart Homes”: we will no longer have keys, thanks to a digital or face recognition system, we will be able to switch on and off and control lighting, water, heating and appliances remotely. Thermostats will adjust to our body temperature, and scales will give us dietary advice. Music will adapt to our moods.

The home in the cart

We are also witnessing the possibility to order our dream home online.

Morning Capital and Tecma Solutions have recently launched the Easy Rent revolution with the “Flat Tower Parco Vittoria” project, an innovative residential rental format. It will certainly be an inspiration for renting or buying a home online, configuring every detail according to our wishes and putting it “in the cart”.


Smart Homes are designed not only to make life safer, more practical and convenient, but also to respond to the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Safeguarding humans and the environment has become a key priority, and sustainability in the real estate sector plays an important role in this process.

Significant savings are generated for water, electricity and gas through improvements in the performance of home systems following the installation of automation systems. A benefit for us and the planet, also facilitated by the state incentives and Ecobonuses.


Innovation doesn’t concern only technology. Recent events that have forced us to live our homes differently have created new living needs.

Shared services

Particularly in large cities, there is an increasingly felt need for services shared with other tenants in the building or neighborhood. From laundry services to electricians, to the gym. Some new building projects are being implemented with this innovative concept, for example making available useful concierge services.

Places of aggregation

Places of aggregation are also in demand, for both young people, such as party spaces, and for adults, such as meeting rooms equipped with all the required accessory services.

Home of the future: the keyword is “connection”

New living will be based on connection. Of devices, systems, all the elements in the home as well as people, who now feel the need for an innovative concept of the neighborhood of the past. A place for sharing comfort, a better quality of life and sustainability.

Article by: Interimmobili Agency studies office