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Interimmobili Agency offers the highest level of service to property owners and potential end-buyers by making use of the most innovative digital tools and industrializing processes and relations.

Residential Agency

Single units

Interimmobili Agency has been working for over thirty years with a highly-specialized team in the residential sector and, specifically, in the partition of existing buildings and the sale of new properties still under construction.

Its in-house staff provides consulting in preparing commercialization plans using a multidisciplinary approach, from product analysis to target identification, positioning of the initiative, preparing a sales strategy, planning the sales process and placing the property on the market.

Supporting business activities are state-of-the-art digital tools to provide the highest level of service to the property owner and potential end-buyer by industrializing processes and relations

Capital Market

Portfolio & Asset Acquisition, Investment & Transaction

Acquisition and divestment of entire buildings or larger real estate portfolios are also offered by Interimmobili Agency through support from the Deal Origination & Transaction division of Morning Capital. ​

Consulting services are offered to institutional investors represented by insurance companies, banks, real estate funds and investment firms operating in both the domestic and international markets, and these services consist of simple or
complex M&A operations.

The over 20 years’ experience of its partners and senior sales agents include numerous case histories that span the entire field of real estate asset classes: residential, office, retail, logistics, industrial and hospitality.

Corporate Agency
Office, Retail, Logistics, Industrial, Hospitality

Institutional Letting

Through its extensive network of high-quality contacts, the Interimmobili Agency business team is able to provide its national and international institutional clients support in identifying the best location for their headquarters.

Through partnerships with specialist firms and its connection with Morning Capital, the team offers coordination of all preliminary investigations and, subsequently, all activity in the implementation phase, including: analysis of client needs, reference model creation, in-depth market analysis of the various aspects under examination, space planning layout, negotiating assistance with third-party owners, active assistance during the contract phase, corporate facility management and concierge services.

Marketing & Digital Commercial Process

The relaunching of Interimmobili Agency is marked by their strong commitment to innovation and
digital transformation and disruption . ​

This commitment to process industrialization is seen in the priorities of the Marketing & Digital Commercial Process division. Implementing this strategy involves identifying colleagues specialized in PropTech, with whom to create partnerships and joint ventures. ​

The activities involved include media relations, advertising and
digital communication.​