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Interimmobili Agency Our job, your home. Our job, your office.

Interimmobili Agency is the advisory and real estate brokerage company of the future.

Founded on tradition, its transformation is based on the digital world and innovation. In its approach, to offer rapidity and precision, and in its services, for the serenity of its clients.

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Experience, speed, knowledge of the market, transparency, dynamism, high level of professionalism, innovation, solidity, empathy, quality and enthusiasm.
These are the main attributes that define who we are.

Innovative approaches

The drive motivated by our determination to meet the goals set with the client and our commitment to innovative approaches, supported by the revolution offered by digital processes, make Interimmobili Agency the best player in real estate brokerage today.

Real Estate investments in Genoa: opportunities and advantages

Among the Italian cities primed for real estate investments, Genoa stands out, rich in history, culture, and economic prospects. Investing in property in Genoa promises both short and long-term financial returns and ownership of valuable assets, thanks to its strategic location and ongoing urban redevelopment projects slated for completion by 2030. Exceptional cultural heritage Genoa […]


Real Estate Asset Management: the crucial role of specialized agencies

In the intricate world of investments, real estate asset management plays a crucial role for those aiming to preserve and grow their capital. The effective marketing of real estate units requires specific expertise and an in-depth understanding of the market. A specialized real estate agency in this field properly positions properties in the market, maximizing […]


Purchasing a tenanted property: benefits and useful information

Buying a tenanted property offers several advantages, both economically and practically. It’s a secure and profitable long-term investment. In this article, we’ll delve into the key benefits of investing in a leased house. Immediate income One of the most obvious advantages of investing in an already leased house is the immediate passive income. When you […]


Two-Story House: The Advantages of having an attic

Choosing the ideal home to live in is a significant decision that impacts the quality of our lives. Among the most captivating and functional housing options, the two-story house with an attic stands out for several advantages. The attic offers ample opportunities for customization: it can be transformed into a bedroom, a library, a home […]



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Milan (MI)

Parco Vittoria Centro Residenziale

Smart Living, Smart Investment.

Peschiera Borromeo (MI)

Quadrifoglio Green City Village

Vivere il verde

Turin (TO)

Barbaroux 43

Un immobile senza tempo

Turin (TO)

Corso Francia 430

Elegance and comfort

Genoa (GE)

Palazzo Doria De Fornari

Centuries of history in a single building.

Genoa (GE)

Palazzo Lercari Spinola

A rarity, in the heart of Genoa.

Rome (RM)

Guattani 13

L’eleganza ha ritrovato il suo spazio

Rome (RM)


Your home in the heart of Parioli.