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Interimmobili Agency Our job, your home. Our job, your office.

Interimmobili Agency is the advisory and real estate brokerage company of the future.

Founded on tradition, its transformation is based on the digital world and innovation. In its approach, to offer rapidity and precision, and in its services, for the serenity of its clients.

Our strong


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Experience, speed, knowledge of the market, transparency, dynamism, high level of professionalism, innovation, solidity, empathy, quality and enthusiasm.
These are the main attributes that define who we are.

Innovative approaches

The drive motivated by our determination to meet the goals set with the client and our commitment to innovative approaches, supported by the revolution offered by digital processes, make Interimmobili Agency the best player in real estate brokerage today.

Genoa’s Palazzi dei Rolli: an Italian museum and UNESCO world heritage site

About Genoa’s Palazzi dei Rolli Genoa is a city rich in artistic heritage, recognized by UNESCO in 2006: “the first example in Europe of an urban development project parceled out by a public authority within a unitary framework and associated with a particular system of ‘public lodging’ in private residences”. The Palazzi dei Rolli are 42 […]


Luxury Homes: characteristics and advantages of fine properties

A home can be defined as luxury when it has ample square footage, is made of high-quality materials and systems, has spacious terraces or gardens to enjoy and offers concierge services that improve the quality of life of those living there. Characteristics of a luxury home A luxury home has the following characteristics: Position Luxury […]


Amenities in the real estate sector: what they are and the most-requested

In the real estate sector, the term “amenities” refers to the extra services that can improve the value or attractiveness of a property. Amenities are becoming increasingly important when choosing a home, apartment or commercial property. The ones most requested can vary depending on geographical location, market trends and buyer preferences. Nonetheless, there are some […]


Green Mortgages: What they are, how to get one, the advantages

The green transition of the European real estate market has also brought changes in the mortgage market. In 2018, the Energy Efficient Mortgages Pilot Scheme developed a green mortgage model. With this type of mortgage, banks facilitate the purchase of high energy efficiency (A or B) properties, or properties to be renovated with a 30% […]



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Milan (MI)

Parco Vittoria Centro Residenziale

Smart Living, Smart Investment.

Peschiera Borromeo (MI)

Quadrifoglio Green City Village

Vivere il verde

Turin (TO)

Barbaroux 43

Un immobile senza tempo

Turin (TO)

Corso Francia 430

Elegance and comfort

Genoa (GE)

Palazzo Doria De Fornari

Centuries of history in a single building.

Genoa (GE)

Palazzo Lercari Spinola

A rarity, in the heart of Genoa.

Rome (RM)

Guattani 13

L’eleganza ha ritrovato il suo spazio

Rome (RM)


Your home in the heart of Parioli.