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Rental homes: the advantages of living in a furnished apartment





Rental homes: a growing trend

A rental home is an increasingly popular choice, and a growing trend. In particular, the lockdown experience has led us to live our work time and spaces differently from usual, and has brought new living needs. Furthermore, for many families, buying a home continues to represent an economic uncertainty, given by the long-term investment in relation to the ability to produce income.

Along with the choice and opportunity for smart working has come the need to organize spaces set up for work activities and services, to make the time spent at home pleasant and comfortable. Many people have chosen to rent furnished properties in holiday locations where they can spend time remote working.

Here are the reasons why Italians are reassessing the opportunity to live in furnished rental homes and some real estate companies, including Morning Capital with Interimmobili Agency, are creating special projects to respond to these needs too.

The freedom of a rental home

People choose rental homes for different reasons:

  • the impossibility to purchase a property;
  • the desire to not (i) tie up significant capital in an illiquid investment or (ii) get into debt with a medium-long term mortgage;
  • the need to move frequently for work reasons, or
  • the freedom of moving home easily, quickly and without major expenditure.

Depending on the contracts, rentals allow people to move home within just a few months of taking the decision. As opposed to an owned house, for which a buyer has to be found and the house subsequently sold, a process which can take months if the set price is not in line with the local market and the negotiations are not managed flexibly.

The advantages of a furnished home

If we opt for a rental home, the furnishings included in the lease can be an extremely advantageous choice. Although today we can furnish a home with a minimum investment, purchasing furniture and household appliances can take a lot of time and be stressful in both the medium and long term.

Furniture rarely adapts to a new home, and selling used furniture requires a lot of energy, while we can be sure that we will not recover the investment made initially.

In addition to these advantages, we should also consider that moving to a furnished home takes much less time and involves no moving costs.

This is why it is easier and more advantageous to choose a furnished home, there is no need for significant investment in furnishings and the apartment is immediately ready to be lived in: simply pack your suitcases and start a new life!

The “no worries” home: the new revolution of Home Easy Rent ®

Imagine being able to choose your dream home, with furnishings, appliances and everything else you need, from curtains to linen to cutlery. Imagine you have all the services you have ever dreamed of close to hand: a gym, co-working space, temporary flat, party room, bike hire.

The Flat Tower – Parco Vittoria project has made all this possible: an extraordinary opportunity to configure your apartment online, choosing everything you need to create a comfortable “no worries” home, including personal services, as well as the property, using an app – My Living – which also responds to every daily need, 24/7.

The new concept of the home as a commodity

The phenomenon taking place in the Automotive sector is spreading to the Real Estate sector too. Once owned, today cars are becoming a commodity service, with all the techniques introduced by finance and technology, allowing us to change our car often to suit our needs, without having to deal with related services, avoiding the immobilization of capital (and, in this case, also its significant depreciation).

Homes are also becoming a commodity, an easily interchangeable asset, thanks to the evolution and revolution of the rental concept, which is being made possible through digital transformation.

We can configure the required solution but putting the home “in the cart”, starting to consider it as a service to be changed as needs change, moving only our personal belongings. A new way of living.

All this also contributes to streamlining contractual issues, which often lead to long and complex processes and paperwork.

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