How to obtain energy savings at home through digital transformation
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How to obtain energy savings at home through digital transformation





Energy savings at home: benefits for us and the environment

Energy savings at home are an important issue for both us and the environment, allowing us to contribute every day to achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We can choose to adopt virtuous habits and behavior which not only help us to save money but also to limit global warming and prevent the depletion of energy-producing resources.

Virtuous habits for energy savings

Virtuous habits that make our homes eco-sustainable may seem banal, but we should remember them in order to ensure the best possible management of energy savings, thanks also to digital transformation.


There are several behaviors we can adopt to improve lighting: paint the walls a pale color, use white, light curtains, prefer low-consumption fluorescent or LED bulbs that consume up to 80% less than old-generation bulbs.


In addition to choosing high-quality, high energy-efficiency appliances (A, A+ or A++) it is also worth ensuring proper maintenance, keeping the filters clean and checking that the appliance works correctly.


As regards heating, it is worth checking that the doors and windows are well sealed, making sure that there is no air in any radiators, keeping them clear and setting the temperature to our needs when we are at home. Service all systems once a year.

The Smart Home

The arrival of the Smart Home, as we described in the article “The home of the future: technology, sustainability, innovation”, allows us to adopt virtuous habits through digital transformation: today it is possible to digitally wire all the systems, program them and monitor home devices from apps installed on our smartphone.

Smart Homes are also called “intelligent homes” because they allow all the devices to be connected through a wireless network: burglar alarm, thermostat, conditioner, irrigation system, appliances, lights and shutters all communicate with a server which we can use not only to program activities but also to process and receive consumption data which help us to ensure a more “intelligent” use.

Obtaining energy savings through digital transformation

Digital transformation is bringing an important change and evolution also in our living habits, and specialist companies can help us to digitalize all the systems in our homes, and consequently also our habits. Choosing to live in a smart home brings energy, time and money savings.

Economic advantages

Home renovation and energy redevelopment is facilitated by tax deductions for both the purchase of and interventions on home devices. Here is an interesting insight: “The Furnishing Bonus: how it works and how to receive it”.


Article by: Interimmobili Agency studies office