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Interior design: the new nature and biofilia trends





Interior design mirrors the changes in society’s lifestyle. In our homes, we need an ambiance that is elegant, refined and in in tune with nature. The space needs to be versatile and harmonious. Being in harmony with nature and sustainability are absolutely necessary characteristics.

Nature and Biofilia in interior design

The term “biofilia” was used for the first time by psychologist, psychoanalyst and philosopher Eric Fromm to indicate man’s attraction to nature, and it signifies “passion for life”. Later, biologist Edward O. Wilson explored this concept, underscoring how the profound connection between man and nature is capable of determining the state of well-being and quality of life.

In recent years, this concept has also entered the field of architecture, allowing man to keep this connection strong within the four walls of home. Although the rules of design are quite precise, nature remains the inspiration:

  • dividing walls created using plants;
  • the search for balance among elements: air, water, wood and fire;
  • use of organic materials like wood and, if possible, km 0 or nearly.

A home environment inspired by nature contributes to the psycho-physical well-being of those who live there.

Upcycling: recycling while creating art and beauty

Upcycling means creative recycling. It is an invitation to use waste materials to create objects with different functions and added value. It is a positive way to recycle that makes it possible to reduce the consumption of raw materials, save energy and promote circular energy.

Many objects of design today are made of waste materials: lamps made from cans, chairs made from a variety of used materials, carpets made from old fishing nets, walls made from pallets, or clocks such as the Nutella Clock born of the collaboration between Ferrero and Alessi which also provides a stimulus to major companies to make use of this positive method.

orologio nutella alessi, upcycling

The colors and shapes of nature in interior design

The “in” color is unquestionably green, as always, inspired by nature, but the earth tones of beige, brown, orange and ochre are also making a return. Fundamentally important is choosing colors that enhance luminosity, and furnishings and accessories with rounded, sinuous shapes inspired by water and plants as a way to communicate balance and harmony.

Versatile space

Space in the home is important in different ways. In addition to being a place for psycho-physical renewal where we eat and sleep, it must also offer temporary work places, spaces for physical activity or environments in which to just relax with our hobbies, and rooms for guests. The different environments must be able to be transformed with movable walls and furnishings that are light and well-organized to save time and offer the versatility to meet today’s needs.

The photo shows our Maria Vittoria 18 project for which we have chosen Green Pea furnishings that guarantee pieces made from waste materials and energy-saving appliances.