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“Morning Care® My Living”: the app for easy living





Your home with a free-and-easy lifestyle

The needs of daily living have changed. Our time has become increasingly precious and technology is providing us with tremendous savings in the way we live.

We can order food from our favorite restaurant or try new, exotic dishes; easily rent a motorcycle or car; have available near home—or directly at home—the services we use often: gym or personal trainer, beautician, hairdresser and dry-cleaner’s. Our home life has become comfortable.

The digital evolution in the real estate sector

The digital evolution is aiding this process and is innovating all aspects of the real estate sector, including services to individuals. Homes are becoming “smarter”, equipped with automation devices that allow us to program appliances and control domestic energy consumption. Latest-generation homes include shared spaces, including co-working, gyms, party rooms and temporary apartments for guests.

To rapidly and efficiently manage these new living needs—from technical assistance and maintenance to reserving “amenities” and individual services—has required the creation of a truly digital concierge.

Morning Care® My Living: living has never been so easy

Morning Care® My Living is the app developed by Morning Capital that offers 24/7 service to provide solutions, solve problems, respond to daily needs and guarantee a “carefree” and comfortable lifestyle to residential building users.

Morning Care® My Living makes use of services provided by highly-qualified companies and professionals, all specialists in their own sector. Thanks to the app, residents can quickly solve their property maintenance problems and enjoy their homes through having available the services to satisfy all their needs, including being able to reserve the services of the condominium, as well as those external to it.

It is a project that revolutionizes living styles.

The successful properties that utilize Morning Care® My Living

The properties currently using with success Morning Care® My Living and its services are Parco Vittoria in Milan and Maria Vittoria 18 in Turin and in the next few months it will also be activated in other cities in Italy.

The Morning Care® My Living digital concierge service can be applied to all real estate projects looking to create value and provide excellent service to their condominiums.