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Luxury Homes: characteristics and advantages of fine properties





A home can be defined as luxury when it has ample square footage, is made of high-quality materials and systems, has spacious terraces or gardens to enjoy and offers concierge services that improve the quality of life of those living there.

Characteristics of a luxury home

A luxury home has the following characteristics:


Luxury properties are located in exclusive areas and settings, such as prestigious urban centers, high-class residential neighborhoods and seaside areas, or have breath-taking views.

Design and architecture

A luxury property offers elegant design and architecture. Its interiors utilize the finest quality materials and finishings, with an attention to detail and elegance. The exteriors are designed to guarantee the privacy of residents using lovely walls, fencing, luxuriant greenery and private entrances.

High-quality materials and innovation

In luxury homes, materials and finishings are high-quality: marble, fine woods and natural stone, and the furnishings and appliances are top-bracket.

The technologies used are innovative: state-of-the-art domotics systems, advanced HVAC systems, solar or photovoltaic panels, smart security systems and high-speed internet connections.

Size and space

Luxury homes offer large, spacious environments. The size can vary, but they normally include extra bedrooms, large bathrooms, entertainment areas, eat-in kitchens and large external spaces, such as yards or gardens or terraces, sometimes including a pool.

Views and panoramas

Exceptional panoramic views, such as city skylines, views of the sea, mountains or parks are considered elements that enhance value and contribute to making a luxury home.

Services and amenities

Today, amenities and services that improve the lifestyle of residents are considered a must: round-the-clock security, concierge, private gyms or spas, indoor pools, private elevators and advanced home automation systems. In addition, the surrounding area may also offer high-quality services, such as gourmet restaurants, exclusive boutiques, private clubs, golf courses or private beaches.

Luxury homes in Italy

In Italy, luxury homes offer a refined and luxurious living experience, combined with natural beauty, culture, fine food and a unique and elegant lifestyle.

Some of the areas best-known for their luxury properties include Tuscany with the city of Florence and the Argentario and Forte dei Marmi; Lombardy with the cities of Milan and Bergamo and Como Lake; Veneto with the city of Venice; Liguria with the historical buildings of Genoa and Portofino; Lazio with the city of Rome; Sardinia with the Costa Smeralda; and Campania with the Amalfi Coast. These areas are known for their splendid settings, breathtaking countrysides and exclusive ambience.

Our luxury properties

Interimmobili Agency markets luxury homes in a number of cities throughout Italy. From historic buildings in the center of Genoa to modern buildings in the center of Milan, Turin or Rome.

Some of our properties:

Milan, Parco Vittoria

Turin, Maria Vittoria

Genoa, Palazzi di Genova

Rome, Guattani 13