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Amenities in the real estate sector: what they are and the most-requested





In the real estate sector, the term “amenities” refers to the extra services that can improve the value or attractiveness of a property. Amenities are becoming increasingly important when choosing a home, apartment or commercial property.

The ones most requested can vary depending on geographical location, market trends and buyer preferences. Nonetheless, there are some amenities that are generally much sought-after and considered to be of tremendous value.

The amenities most-requested in the real estate sector

These are the amenities that add value to property assets:

  • Fitness areas are top of the list: a well-equipped gym or fitness area within properties are highly-requested.
  • An outdoor or indoor pool could be a desirable plus, especially in warmer areas or during the summer.
  • Wellness area or spa: some luxury properties offer spaces dedicated to personal care, massages or other wellness activities.
  • Areas for children: spaces for children with games, slides, swings and other play equipment.
  • Coworking: work spaces and equipped meeting rooms.
  • Party rooms: spaces for parties and events.
  • Temporary apartments: small apartments for hosting friends and relatives for brief stays.
  • Concierge services: the presence of a concierge service offering assistance for making reservations, managing deliveries or other requests can be very appreciated.

The importance of amenity digitalization: the digital concierge

To manage new living spaces and services, the proper tools must be available to users.

A digital concierge service could be useful, based on a dedicated app, for reserving (where necessary) the amenities within the building and, at the same time, making it possible to reserve outside services: massages, dry cleaning, baby sitting, etc.

We have experience in this using the app created by Morning Capital, Morning Care® My Living. A 24/7 digital concierge for reserving both amenities and managing condominium maintenance problems, as well as accessing a series of personal services in the area.

Morning Care® My Living is active in the Parco Vittoria – Milan and Maria Vittoria 18 – Turin properties and, in the next few months, will also be available in other Italian cities in the new Home Easy Rent projects.