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Senior Housing in Italy: a new housing solution for the Third Age





Senior housing, or housing for the elderly, is a form of residence that is gaining increasing attention. It is a housing solution designed specifically to meet the needs of the elderly population, offering them a safe, comfortable environment and often with a range of integrated services.
This concept, already popular in other countries such as the United States and Scandinavia, is beginning to gain a foothold in Italy as well, responding to a growing demand due to an aging population.

What is Senior Housing?

Senior Housing, also known as Senior Living or Silver Living, is a housing model that provides seniors with independent private apartments set in a residential complex with common spaces and services designed to promote well-being and socialization.
It includes different types of housing, designed for people generally aged 65 and older. These residences can vary widely in terms of services offered and degree of care provided.
The main types of senior housing include:

Independent living or senior living residences: facilities that offer private, furnished and fully equipped self-contained apartments in which to live independently. Sizes vary according to need, from studios to two- or three-bedroom apartments.
The facilities are equipped with common facilities such as restaurants, recreational areas and green spaces. They are ideal for self-sufficient seniors who wish to live in a safe and social environment.
An example of senior living is the “Villaggio Amico” near Milan that has created an active and socially involved community while maintaining a high level of autonomy for residents.

Assisted living residences: offer a higher level of care, with staff available 24 hours a day to help with daily activities such as cleaning, meal preparation and medication management.

Nursing homes: provide ongoing medical care and assistance for seniors with serious health problems or disabilities.

Cohousing for the Elderly: cohousing for the elderly is an innovative model that is gaining popularity. These are communities where small groups of seniors live in independent apartments but share common spaces and daily activities, promoting socialization and mutual help.

Services in Senior Housing

Services play an important role in Senior Housing and are tailored to the needs of the residents.

The most important are:
– home care and health care,
– help with household chores and shopping,
– maintenance and security services,
– transportation and companionship,
– socialization and entertainment activities,
– food and catering services,
– tax and legal assistance.

Benefits of Senior Housing

Senior housing offers numerous benefits for both seniors and their families:
– Safety: facilities are designed to be safe and accessible, reducing the risk of household accidents;
– Assistance: availability of qualified staff for health care and support in daily activities;
– Socialization: opportunities for social interaction and participation in recreational activities, counteracting loneliness and isolation;
– Autonomy: opportunities to maintain a high degree of independence, with support available when needed.

Diffusion of Senior Housing in Italy

Senior Housing is a relatively new phenomenon in Italy, but it has been experiencing steady growth in recent years, driven by an aging population and the demand for alternative housing solutions to traditional homes and health care facilities.
Federanzion Senior Italia estimates that by 2021 there were about 100 Senior Housing residences in Italy, with a higher concentration in northern regions. However, the potential for growth is very high, considering the growing number of seniors and their demand for innovative housing solutions adapted to their needs.

Future development

We at Interimmobili Agency are convinced that the development of Senior Housing in Italy will be an important social evolution. We would like to stand alongside those who wish to foster this development and put our relational skills and network at the service of investors in the sector.