Living in Turin: artistic treasures and where to live
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Living in Turin: artistic treasures and where to live





Turin, from art to nature

Turin is one of Italy’s most captivating cities: an alchemic blend of artistic treasures, nature and waterways, and sites rich in mystery.

A stroll through the city, starting at the vast squares or along the rivers that flow into it, offers a taste of its signature history, art and culture. Monuments, churches and artistic heritage abound. We have put together a small selection to offer an introduction to the city, where we offer properties for sale or rent as homes or workplaces.

What to visit in Turin

Mole Antonelliana

At the heart of the historic center of Turin is Mole Antonelliana; the symbol of the city, it was designed by architect Alessandro Antonelli, from whom it takes its name. Standing at 167 meters, it is one of the tallest buildings in Italy and offers breathtaking views of the city thanks to the installation of a panoramic lift to mark the centenary of Italian Unification. Mole Antonelliana is also home to the Museum of Cinema, offering a unique and immersive insight into the incredible world that has inspired and continues to inspire our dreams.

Its forms and fascinating history, including collapses and reconstruction works (thankfully without victims), have led to it being regarded as a monument of “magical Turin”.

Royal Palace

A Unesco heritage site designed by architect Amedeo di Castellamonte, the Royal Palace is a majestic and refined building that served as a base for the Savoy dynasty. It is one of the Royal Museums, together with the Royal Armory, the Chapel of the Holy Shroud, the Savoy Gallery, the Archaeological Museum and the Royal Library. An invaluable masterpiece, to which major artists such as Massimo D’Azeglio, Claudio Francesco Beaumont and Isidoro Bianchi contributed.

A stroll through the sumptuous halls of this elegant palace provides an opportunity to admire stucco works, tapestries, frescoes, paintings and precious marble works, taking us on a journey through time, among the splendor of the aristocracy. The Royal Palace is surrounded by spectacular gardens, reminiscent of Versailles.

Parco del Valentino and the medieval village

Situated on the banks of the Po, just a stone’s throw from the historic center, Parco del Valentino is the green heart of the city. Spanning 421,000 m2, it features lawns, tree-lined boulevards, flowers, streams and small waterfalls, and is also home to a traditional little medieval village and the Valentino Castle, which now hosts the Architecture Faculty of Turin Polytechnic University.

Piazza San Carlo, Turin’s parlor

Piazza San Carlo is considered one of Europe’s most beautiful squares. Designed by royal architect Carlo di Castellamonte and built in the mid-17th century, it spans nearly 13,000 m2 and is attractively flanked by aristocratic buildings, including Solaro del Borgo, remodeled by Benedetto Alfieri and the two side-by-side “twin” churches of Santa Carlo and Santa Cristina. The square is surrounded by porticoes, home to historic premises dating back to the 19th century.

Living in Turin: houses for rent and for sale

Turin is a busy, ever-evolving city, and a major economic hub that offers growth and work opportunities in a stimulating environment. Compared to other big Italian cities such as Milan, Florence and Rome, house prices here have remained affordable. We have a range of properties and offices for sale and rent in this splendid city.

Of particular interest, in the city center, is the innovative Maria Vittoria 18, Turin, a Home Easy Rent® solution that lets prospective tenants choose, arrange, furnish and rent the house they want online: Torino, Maria Vittoria 18.

Article by: Interimmobili Agency studies office