Living in Milan: artistic treasures and where to live
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Living in Milan: artistic treasures and where to live





Milan offers a captivating living experience. A polyhedric city: its fashion, business, art, design, innovation and entertainment worlds make it rich and appealing, but also fast-paced, complex and demanding.

For starters, moving through the streets of the city center means journeying through ancient tradition and history embodied by monuments such as the Duomo, the Sforzesco Castle, and the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio (the city’s patron), but just a few kilometers away, innovation reigns supreme!

Pausing to appreciate the Vertical Forest and the Porta Nuova project area, strolling through CityLife with its three iconic towers, observing the developments in the new Portello district, and checking out the residential center of Parco Vittoria, means experiencing transformation.

Never before as in recent years have so many young people from all over the world chosen to move to Milan to start a life there.

We have compiled a little list of our favorite spots to help you get to know the city.

What to visit in Milan

Sforzesco Castle

Commissioned by the Visconti family and built around the 14th century, it was destroyed a hundred years later and rebuilt by the Sforza family. Thanks to the work of Bramante and Leonardo da Vinci towards the end of the 15th century, it became one of Europe’s most splendid castles.

Today it is home to the Civic Museums, which house works by Bellini, Antonello da Messina and Mantegna, the Egyptian Museum, the Museum of Ancient Art, the Pinacoteca Art Gallery, Leonardo da Vinci’s Sala delle Asse, and Rondanini Pietà, a famous sculpture by Michelangelo.

The Castle leads to Parco Sempione, one of Milan’s most beautiful parks, which in turn leads to the Palazzo dell’Arte that hosts the Triennale.

The Palazzo dell’Arte and Milan’s Triennale

Home to Milan’s Triennale, the Palazzo dell’Arte is one of the city’s leading cultural spacesDesigned by Giovanni Muzio in 1932, its floor plan is reminiscent of a basilica. It boasts 12,000 m2 of exhibition rooms and public spaces, a bookstore specializing in contemporary art, a café, a theater, and the Museum of Italian Design. Italy’s Triennale is one of the leading forums of expression for emerging artistic and cultural trends.

Porta Nuova and the Vertical Forest

One of the historical districts of old Milan has been redeveloped thanks to the introduction of the Vertical Forest, designed by Studio Boeri and launched in 2014. The entire area has been revitalized with green spaces and elevated walkways, making it possible to walk from Porta Garibaldi station to Porta Nuova Varesine and Porta Nuova Isola. An experience not to be missed, it offers a journey through innovation, design, fashion and trendy venues.

Milan: fashion, business, art and night life

Wandering through the fashion quadrilateral to admire the window displays of national and international stylists, standing back to witness business people racing around the city launching new ideas, visiting the countless museums dotted around the city, and being reinvigorated by Milan’s night life scene means embracing all sides of the city.

Living in Milan: houses for rent and for sale

Milan has living options to suit all needs and, thanks to the recent upgrades to the metro line, it is now also possible to access the city center quickly from the outskirts. Interimmobili Agency has a range of property types available in the center, or on the outskirts for those who prefer to live in a green space while still being just minutes from the city:  properties for sale and rent.

Of particular interest, in the Portello district, is the innovative Parco Vittoria – Flat Tower project, a Home Easy Rent® solution that lets prospective tenants choose, arrange, furnish and rent the house they want online: Parco Vittoria – Flat Tower.

Article by: Interimmobili Agency studies office