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Palazzo Lercari Spinola

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Via degli Orefici, 7 Genoa (GE)


A rarity, in the heart of Genoa.

Palazzo Lercari Spinola is a magnificent building, fully restored, dating from the 1500s. A rarity on the real estate market: the marriage of art, beauty, comfort and functionality in the heart of Genoa. It takes its name from two important Genoese families who left a major mark on the political, economic and artistic life of the city. Over the years it has undergone transformations that have left
indelible traces on its structure.
Influences from the Renaissance and Baroque eras and from the 19th century, make it unique in its genre and it is this that the intervention of Vittoria Assicurazioni, the property’s owner, has preserved and made available to the public once again through its restoration work.

Palazzo Lercari Spinola includes retail spaces on the ground floor and two “piani nobili” with representative offices of rare beauty containing stunning frescoed vaulted ceilings by some of Genoa’s most renowned painters. The property not only offers a magnificent historic and artistic setting in which to locate one’s business, but also an extremely convenient position in the center of the city, just minutes away from Genoa’s busiest commercial thoroughfares.

The upper floors are residential.

The apartments, available in various sizes, have been designed to meet every type of residential necessity.
The materials utilized are all of the highest quality and selected with care to match the elegance and style of this historic building.

Greenspace: the building looks out onto tree-lined streets and a large park with play area for children.

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Palazzo Lercari Spinola is located in the city’s historic center, near Porto Antico, where the tourist port is home to the Genoa Aquarium. The splendid promenade facing the sea is a pedestrian zone filled with attractions and very popular with the Genoese.


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