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Palazzo Doria De Fornari

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Piazza De Ferrari, 4 Genoa (GE)


Centuries of history in a single building.

Palazzo Doria De Fornari is a noble mansion built at the end of the 1500s by Doge Ambrogio Doria during what is known as the “Century of the Genoese”. The building has undergone major restoration that has brought its superb decorations back to life, including the stucco work and frescoes attributed to such artists as Angelo Piò, Sigismondo Betti, Francesco Campora and Lorenzo De Ferrari.

The ground floor houses retail spaces, while the next two floors, the “piani nobili”, or floors of the nobility, contain representative offices in which period frescoes and stucco work can be admired.

The remaining three floors contain exquisitely-restored luxury apartments that look out onto an area of the city that is rich in history.

Apartments of various sizes are available, including two-room and three-room properties, and attics with panoramic solariums on the top floor. The two “piani nobili” are ideal for companies looking for prestigious offices for their business, located in the heart of the historic center with easy access. The retail spaces on the ground floor offer a range of possibilities, located both internally and with windows that face out onto historic lanes.

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The Palazzo Doria De Fornari is located in Piazza De Ferrari, in the heart of the city, where its major public buildings are found, such as the main offices of the Piedmont Region and Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Teatro Carlo Felice and the Palazzo Ducale, where major expositions are held. It is also well-connected to the rest of the city through its metro system.


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